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Due to personal circumstances Xenia is not currently taking on any new students

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October 2019 - Founder Member

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Southend-on-Sea, Essex and surrounding area

    Hi I’m Xenia and I specialise in making cake toppers, mainly models of people or cartoon characters, teaching from my family home and occasionally taking the odd cake order, What I love about sugarcrafting is that you can make so many things with this edible medium and it gives me the chance to be creative with everything I make .


I began teaching in 2017, because when I started sugarcrafting there was nowhere to go to and learn locally to me, since then I have been building up my classes and tutorials and now I am able to help those who need it. 


I am a Cake Minds teacher because after suffering with depression and anxiety for a few years, I found that being around my friends and talking about my feelings helped me immensely. Although the cake industry is full of amazing people it can also be so very lonely working at home alone. Being able to offer fellow sugarcrafters somewhere to go and catch up with cake friends / make new cake friends while being creative is an absolute privilege. I want to be there for my fellow sugarcrafting friends like they were there for me and along with that help to build local communities that support each other and Cake Minds offered that supportive opportunity.


The thing I love the most about the cake industry is that I've made so many friends (online and in person) they are all so helpful and so very supportive. I wouldn't have got through my own depression if it wasn't for my cake family. 

Sugarcrafting has helped me pass a very hard time of my life. I stopped being creative because I didn't feel it would help me, but after having a little break and getting back at my work table, I started working on some cake toppers and I found it helped me relax and stopped me from overthinking (which would have normally triggered an anxiety attack) and I now know how helpful it is to be creative


I am very proud of my first ever Cake International competition piece, I named 'Love the skin you're in', which received a silver award for. Also my 'Love Heart' cake which went viral on social media. Another proud moment was when I published a video on how to use my Steaming Technique on social media. This was one of my first videos and I was extremely nervous but I received amazing support and encouragement from my friends. But what I am most proud of is that I practiced and practiced on making cake toppers and now I'm confident in making popular cartoon characters.


Outside of the sugarcraft industry I am currently studying Autism and Aspergers courses to help me understand what my son might be (not confirmed as yet) going through. I enjoy listening to mindful audiobooks and I have also a course to complete on this. I absolutely love listening to audiobooks and I've been sucked into many stories while working on my cake toppers, but my absolute favourite is the Harry Potter books.

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