Who's Rhu ?

Having taught regular monthly modeller classes since 2012, what has struck me the most is how the students on the classes made firm friendships, not only at the classes, but how they went on to meet outside the classes, go on other courses together and even go on holiday together ... and that includes me too !! 

I have been lucky enough to watch these ladies grow both in their sugarcrafting confidence but also within themselves.

We are all starting to understand that creative crafts are an amazing therapeutic benefit and to combine that meeting regularly in small groups of like-minded people it offers and brings so much more into peoples lives.

I want to share this experience with others and create a community and network of teachers to run my monthly modeller classes.  Wouldn't it be amazing if this became global, and a recognised and respected brand that helped to bring the sugarcraft community from being online to a more tangible reality. I

Here I am raising a glass to our first birthday in October 2020

Have to add it's just tonic water :D

A bit more about my achievements that have helped me help you are:- 

  • Senior Judge at Cake International

  • International Judge

  • International Teacher

  • Regular tutorial contributor to Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine

  • Tutorial contributor - filming - for

    • Pretty Witty Cakes​

    • CakeFlix

    • Learn Cake Decorating Online

  • Top Ten Cake Artist 2018

  • Best in Show 2014 - Cake International

  • Eight Gold Awards - Decorative Category Cake International

  • Nominated Modelling Excellence Category 2014 - Cake Masters Awards


Through these achievements I understand the journey that sugarcrafting can take you on, the highs and lows and the frustrations of making gravity defying figures and with teaching experience since 2012 and a host of regular students, I am confident in providing teachers with tutorials that will help you improve your work, build on your skills and business portfolio.

Then throw into the mix an eight years service in the WRENs (Womens Royal Navy) working in a training environment, creating training material and graphic, teaching me drive and determination !!  and a career spanning, admin, teaching environments, HR and training, media and website management in my local council, and twenty or so years running and helping at my Girl Guides unit, I have wealth of knowledge and experience to build Cake Minds into a healthy business.

I am passionate about my teachers and students and how learning together can be a therapeutic experience for almost everyone in my fun, informal and relaxed classes.  A place and chance to meet like-minded people all on their own sugarcrafting  journey.

I am still on my journey, it is exciting, exhilarating, often stressful, demanding and all consuming, I have so many other plans, possibilities and crazy idea's in my head that I don't see it ending any time soon.  I hope you will follow or join me on this amazing ride and I will endeavour to help you enjoy your own journey too.

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