Lorraine Crocker

Sugarcraft Workshops with Lorraine

covering Oldham, Tameside, Rochdale, North Manchester and surrounding areas 

Hello, thanks for looking in,  here’s a little bit about me…

I’ve very recently given up my job in finance within the NHS to follow a long standing passion…..cake craft.

It all started in 2014 when my step daughter wanted a ‘cookie monster’ cake for her 16th birthday.  Without thinking about it,  I said, I’ll make it! Sheer panic ensued as I didn’t have a clue where to start, it was huge learning curve and everything I touched was blue for a week ….. but, I produced the cake and she was thrilled! I received so many comments about it that I started to think that actually maybe I could do this, and so it began…..

I don’t have a cake shop, I don’t have a studio, I worked at home in my spare time producing cakes for family and friends getting married, birthdays, christenings, they were all gifts but in actual fact they were giving me the gift of opportunity and practice and I loved it, the more creative I got the more confident I became in my own ability.

I have friends in Leeds, one of whom had moved on from home baking to owning her own shop and I’d trundle off up there to help out whenever I could, learning what I could, and when she asked me to make cakes to display in the shop window I was blown away….. but I absolutely did ☺

We’d been to Cake International a couple times and I was in complete awe of the ability and standard of the entries and was desperate to give it ago.  It was approaching Remembrance Day and I had an idea for an exhibit in mind. Scared, nervous and totally out of my comfort zone, and obviously not knowing what to expect, I entered!! Well I couldn’t believe it, first time entry and received a Silver Award, I was ecstatic. Of course this just ignited my passion, but working full time and only making cakes every now and then wasn’t really going to achieve what I wanted.

So here I am, fulfilling a dream, a Cake Minds accredited teacher, WOW, I can not wait to get started, inviting like-minded people into my home to share a vision.  Together we’ll make new friends and have fun whilst creating amazing little characters with progressive skill learning. So if you’ve never done anything like this before but wanting to give it a go, (or you have modelled before but want to escape for a couple of hours each month), then do come along.  I can’t wait to hear the kettle boiling and the chink of cups, not forgetting the rustle of a packet of biscuits (goes without saying) as I welcome you into my little home.


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