Do you wish you could learn to teach in a way that fits in with your life?

But your problems are :-

Not enough time to organise content

You don’t know what to teach

You don’t have full days

You’d like some additional support

You don’t have a classroom

If these things are holding you back from teaching and earning an income then allow me to offer a solution

I have created the perfect package especially for you based on my own regular monthly modeller classes.

With the first years membership lasting for fourteen months to allow you time to set up, tutorials delivered to your inbox, fully instructed videos from me, material and tool list.  Becoming an Accredited Cake Minds teacher will give you access to a host of marketing and PR material, support network, free advertising, hints, tips and much much more.

Either way  you will soon be up and running with the least amount of effort - anywhere in the world.

Cake Minds Teachers

become part of something bigger than yourself .... and make a difference wherever you are based

Building a network of teachers who run regular, informal and fun sugarcraft clubs, promoting a wider community of caring and mindful spaces to learn, create and cheer each other on in our sugarcrafting journeys.

Yes other teaching packages are available, but maybe they are out of your price range, or you are unable to travel or they are full day classes or too focused in one area or you worry you won't fill the places and recoup your outlay.

Hello I'm Rhu and I am here you help you start running your own regular cake classes.

I have been running my own Monthly Modeller meetings since 2013, so very much towards the beginning of my sugarcrafting career, and I still have returning students to this day, although I now consider them friends more than students.

Working from home can be a lonely place, running regular classes with regular students not only brings guaranteed income, but builds an amazing local community that support each other, cheer each other on and become more than just students.

As a teacher, watching and growing your own community of students and friends brings boundless rewards.


These two hour classes fit perfectly into your day, mornings, afternoons or evenings, around childcare, part-time jobs and other commitments, run as many as you wish.

Classes are delivered direct to your inbox on a monthly basis with fully informative videos, tools and materials lists and learning objectives.

Become an Accredited Cake Minds Teacher and you will get instant access to a host of marketing material, free advertising, teaching tips, online video conference meeting with Rhu and ongoing support. As well as an affordable and amazing value for money package I also offer the option of a bolt on 1-2-1 with me for additional support. 

Find out more about my background here




Lincolnshire and Norfolk borders

FiFi's Cakes and Bakes

If teaching is something you would love to try but you feel too nervous, you don’t have the confidence or you don’t feel good enough then Rhu will change your mindset in just a second of speaking to her! She has encouraged and believed in me to go forward and ‘belong’ to something that I never ever thought I would be a part of. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be considered to be a part of such a welcoming and inspirational new venture that is Cake Minds! You are amongst the most fabulous of people who are all there for the same reason; to create and teach something you love to others whilst making friends at the same time! It is such a supportive group and Rhu is always on hand to help where she can and she has made the whole set up of becoming a teacher so pain free by thinking of literally everything to help you along the way! It’s also so good to be a part of something where we all have such different backgrounds and abilities but yet we are all there for one purpose and that is to support one another. This is a great opportunity for

someone that would love to get into teaching as well as

those that already have this experience. Go for it! X


Our Aims

I aim make my tutors lives easier. I will provide a new tutorial each month to teach at the workshops, through online videos.

They are designed so that students and you can grow your skills and confidence over a period of time.

Projects will be varied, fun and achievable in a two hour session.

My Cake Minds Monthly Modeller classes are designed to be completed in a two hour session, they offer a wide range of skills and are perfect for the beginner, in fact we have one class designed especially for the complete novice for you to start your students with, if necessary. 

Students will develop and experiment with a variety of different skills throughout the course, growing their skills and confidence with ease over the course of a year. 

Classes are held around your kitchen table, so no renting premises (see FAQ's) , setting up and clearing up is kept as simple as possible to save your time and outlay.

An annual membership is payable, with no additional percentages to be paid back - this is not a franchise. 

Take a look at our interactive map to ensure there are no other teachers in your area, (we are currently allowing teachers an area of around 25 - 30 miles depending on demographics or if rural up to one hours drive - we have a commitment to you the teacher not to overcrowd your area, until you have more students than you can teach - consider yourself and how far you would be prepared to travel in an evening !! we can then arrange a suitable time for a video call to talk about you becoming an Accredited Tutor - find out what is included in the package .... 

Students working together and winning Best Student Table at Cake International


Sugarcraft Workshops with Lorraine

I studied with Rhu a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Rhu has a warm smile to match her personality and you'll never feel anything but genuine warmth. Rhu is hugely experienced in her field and posesses the most amazing skills. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute in recommending her. Her patience, attention to detail, willingness to demonstrate and explain knows no bounds. a wonderfully talented lady she most certainly is. I feel truly privileged to be part of Cakeminds and working more closely with like minded teachers and Rhu herself x




Sweet Sugar Makes 

Joining as a Cake Minds teacher has been an entirely positive experience for me. Despite having many years of teaching within adult education I was always doubtful of going it alone with private classes. Within minutes of speaking to the lovely Rhu my mind was instantly put at rest. Of course I could run classes from my kitchen, why not ? I have worn my slippers ( Rhu's words) That was it, I was on board. From starting to make the wonderful models and learning something new every time from a super talented sugar artist, to speaking and networking with the other teachers in our online staff room, the whole experience has been win, win. I have several classes booked, the kind of classes that I could only dream about teaching and the ongoing support from Rhu has been outstanding. I would not hesitate to contact Rhu if you are thinking about becoming a teacher for Cake Minds, the concept and long term prospects for been a part of something fantastic is absolutely unique. I would say jump on board while you can. Cake Minds is everything I thought it would be and so much more.



Your first terms projects

Classes are designed to build on skills, so start with simple projects that will build your confidence and your students' confidence, they are all tried and tested within my own groups of differing abilities, with each project achievable within the 2 - 2.5 hour period.


Rhu’s ability to connect with her students makes her a kind, emphathetic and supportive teacher. She approaches challenges with such an open and positive attitude, it's infectious. I loved the sense of connection and belonging gained from sharing experiences with other sugarcrafters within the groups.

Through these courses I also met some wonderful ‘likeminded’ sugarcrafter’s and it 

has been a real pleasure to watch them develop their talents and confidence under Rhu’s tuition and continue their own sugarcraft journey.

My sugarcraft journey still continues today and I Thank Rhu, for being a patient,

encouraging and inspiring teacher and friend



Rhu Strand, Sugarcrafter, Competition Judge, Teacher, Article Writer for many cake magazines, advisor and support to many, is, in my opinion, a strong role model, approachable and positive in all aspects of her work.  She pays great attention to detail delivering her skills in such a way from beginners to experts in a 

calm, controlled, fun and friendly way making everyone feel able to reach the challenge presented.

Rhu is a true superstar and if you've never met her, never attended a course, haven't checked out her FB business pages, you really need to catch up with her soon.

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students, many new to the industry, introducing them to sugarcraft and cheering them on their own journeys in this exciting and diverse industry in mindful environments, forming firm lifelong friendships that involved more than just the regular meetings.

Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer and bring together the sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. 

In a mindful and creative space to sugarcraft on a regular basis in small friendly and informal group settings.   All Rights Reserved

Established in 2009