Teachers FAQs

You have a heap of questions of course, hopefully we will be able to answer some of them here

How does it work, can I do this from home ?

Through regular monthly modeller meetings, hopefully from your kitchen table as it makes for the best informal setting, you will provide a mindful place for people to learn sugarcrafting and form friendships. The students are expected to commit to these regular classes and pay in advance for a block of four, or other affordable and suitable methods. You can run as many groups as you wish, at one point I was running seven groups a month with about five or six students on each class, you could run these classes over 2.5 days if you wanted, am, pm and eve, the choice is yours.

How do I know if there is availability in my area ?

Please check the Cake Minds locations on the teachers map (accessible in the menu under Our Teachers) to see if there are any other tutors in your immediate area, or contact us - this may not be availble yet as we start to build our network this will become available. Generaly teachers are covering a 25 - 30 mile or so radius or if rural an hours drive. But this all depends on the demographics of your area and densly populated it is. It is a difficult area, but consider how far you would want to travel on a winters evening !! Cake Minds would like to be able to offer all our students places on classes, but we also are mindful of over saturating an area, if there is already a tutor in your locality, please contact us to see if more than one tutor is a viable possibility.

What do I need to provide ?

A table for the students to learn around, a welcoming atmosphere, tea and coffee, the materials for the class, students will be expected to bring their own workboard and tools, this allows them to learn with the tools they have or discover new ones from other students and yourself, this makes your life easier too, just a table to wipe over at the end of class. And of course a friendly smiley welcome

Who are we looking for ?

We are looking for established teachers or people interested in teaching, who are passionate about helping others. Sugarcrafting can be such a lonely career, with our ‘staff room’ being on social media, which just does not replace that human contact. We may teach, but I’m sure many of your students do the odd class here and there, so you don’t get the chance to form friendships there either. I was in that situation until I started my regular monthly classes, I have students that started with me over seven years ago, who still come, they have formed firm friendships, as have I with them. They came to my other scheduled classes, because they have got to know me so well and are a huge support to me personally and to my business. It has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my business since I started running it in 2009. If this sounds like something you would like to have in your business then jump on in

Do I need to be a teacher ?

As a practicing teacher you can sign up now and start teaching Cake Minds classes, however, if modelling is not your strong point – remember these are short two hour classes and by their very nature are designed to be achievable by everyone. They are also designed to start at step one and take you through a process of learning as you go. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and there is a 1-2-1 with Rhu where you will be able go through some of the finer points of modelling (there won’t be any detailed faces, only simple facial effects or moulds)

Is it all just about modelling ?

No, the first few months are designed to build and improve modelling skills and although we can’t take on large projects, there will be some exciting classes as we grow and develop. There will be a number of classes that may take you out of your own comfort zone, but as your class bonds and feels comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts, you can all work together. For example, if you have a kitchen you can use you may like to work as a group and use some different materials. Don’t worry we will provide you with all the support and information to do this. We will also be inviting experts in their areas to be guest tutorial creators, and there are a LOT of exciting areas we can turn too within an industry that is constantly growing. We want this to be as enjoyable for you as the teacher as it is for the students.

Will I make any money?

The idea behind Cake Minds is to ensure that the teacher is paid and has the ability to earn an income, if you teach from home then you will save on venue hire. Projects are small due to the time constraints, meaning that your outlay is minimal. We tend to work onto either 5" or 6" cake boards or drums depending if the project needs to be 'fixed' to the base in any way - skewers or wires. It is also why we advise teachers to collect money a term ahead. This way any absences have already been paid for.

Why do l I have to pay an annual membership?

Cake Minds will be making an investment in you as a teacher for the brand, in return for membership fee we will provide you with a heap of essential start-up tools and ongoing support – just look at the list and you will see the return for your commitment is priceless. You should be able to recoup your membership from your classes, in a very short time. The membership fee is renewable annually at the same price. Over the course of the year you will build a library of short classes that can be taught under the Cake Minds banner. Unlike most organisations we do not ask for any commission on your earnings, this is yours to keep.

Why be a member of Cake Minds to do this?

We understand you would think you could just do this yourself, but by being a member of Cake Minds you will have the wider support and respect of the industry and those within it, the support and backing of some big names, and the classes of choice from prospective students. And just look at the list of benefits we offer from the outset.

How else do I benefit ?

As a Cake Minds tutor you will bring not only the respect of your customers to your business, but also - a wider network of supporting teachers - wider marketing opportunities, we expect our teachers to advertise each others classes on social media to give a wider reach to potential students - Links from the Cake Minds website - Long term students who may register with you for your own classes - Your own supportive network of local students and cake makers - Possible opportunities at Cake Shows to showcase your students work

What do I need to have to become a teacher ?

Cake Minds are looking for compasionate, dedicated, happy, friendly people with a love of sugarcrafting. The intitial classes are modelling based, so you will need to be proficient at modelling – if you’re not sure please contact me, send me a few pictures of your work and we can have a chat, please don’t be shy of doing this. We ask that you have public liability insurance to cover teaching in your home. This is for the benefit of everyone.

What if I want to leave ?

We hope that you are not in this position and that you love being a Cake Minds accredited teacher. However, if for whatever reason, you find yourself in this situation, we do ask for three months notice, but we do not ask for a buy out fee.

Do I have to teach from home or can I use a venue ?

Of course you can use a venue, that isn't a problem at all, I understand it isn't possible, or ideal for everyone to teach at home. I have a mix of using my kitchen table and running the classes at a venue. If you run your classes from a venue you can add an additional element to your costs for the classes and run slightly bigger classes.

Can I just teach online ?

The founding principles of Cake Minds are that we teach Face to Face, this is what your membership is about. However in changing times and with an increasing need to reach potential students that cannot attend classes for various reasons, we are offering an online 'complimentory / alternative' The online option also includes the Virtual Meet Up element for our student members. It is not paramount that you do this, but we would encourage you in order to build relationships with your students, especially if face to face in not an option.

What if I don't want to be a Skill Support Teacher

The Skills Support Sessions are designed to build relationships between teacher and student, an informal upbeat chance to chat and learn more. This is also an income generator for teachers. Groups would consist of no more that five students or less, in order for relationships to be built, this is what we are about. If you really don't feel this is something you can host, students will be offered an alternative teacher to link with. If you are just concerned about how it will work, please talk to us - I will be providing plenty of material to get you started. I am keen to stress they are not designed or should not be therapy sessions, we do not expect you to be a therapist, Cake Minds has it's teachers wellbeing at heart too. At Cake Minds we believe that the therapy is a by product of being creative, interacting with others, building relationships and generally having some light-hearted fun.

So how do I earn some money ?

Through teaching face to face Your own local and virtual student base* Through teaching online classes Through being a content creator by invitation or application *Virtual Meetings are aimed at remote students who will pay a base subscription and for online classes Local students doing face to face classes will pay thier monthly subscription - if and when they need to move online the teacher can decide if the cost is split - the idea being that they would take your online class.

Still have questions please contact us