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We are changing our format to fit in with your life and our changing world

But first I will let some of our current students tell you what they think .....

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Kerry, Student

I’ve learnt so much from these classes, and the knowledge is invaluable, from making small characters such as teddy’s, little babies, aeroplanes to now making an armature, and finally creating a standing figure, to hanging koalas, using different techniques and how to work with the paste and using different mediums to create different textures and finally a finished piece which gives me the confidence to create my own work.


Claire, Student

Love our monthly modeller get togethers. What we learn and produce each time is fab under Rhu’s expert teaching. But even more valuable are the lovely friends I have made over the last 4 years, we have all become really close, meeting up for non sugar get togethers, weekends away, and holidays. It has to be said that while these occasions don’t always include sugar, there is often a reasonable amount of gin involved🍸. So thank you Rhu for bringing us all together xx


Janice, Student

I have been attending Monthly Modellers for 6-7 years (how time flies 😊).  I have made life long friendships and two besties from our love of sugarpaste 😊 MM isn’t just about the models we make, it’s about meeting, enjoying and supporting like minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  

Cake Minds was formed in late 2019 and we started teaching in February 2020 with strong emphasis on the foundations of regular face to face meetings and as we hopefully start to move towards the world opening up, our teachers are starting to teach face to face again.

We are looking forward to inviting you back to our face to face classes, classes that you come to on a regular basis, with the same people and small group settings.  Learning and making together along with being supported by your Cake Minds Teacher you are supported by a wider community to students and teachers.

Some of our teachers are offering online classes for you if you cannot attend a physical class for whatever reason, you may have commitments that mean you are unable to come, or you may be physically unable to, or you may not have a teacher in your area.  This is the perfect solution to anyone in this situation, with all the usual Cake Minds values, small groups, same students, same teacher, on a regular basis.

  • ready to start learning again

  • are you feeling alone

  • ready to start face to face classes again

  • wanting to meet like-minded people

  • caring for loved ones

  • simply in need of a connection with others

  • looking for a light-hearted escape

  • fed up with not being able to keep up in online classes

  • frustrated at big group classes online

  • frustrated because you can't interact with the online teacher

  • desperate for a chance to learn online without being in a big group

We Can Help

Alongside our regular face to face classes with a local teacher (when circumstances allow)

No matter where you are based you can join one of our dedicated teachers for regular

light-hearted Skill Support Sessions in a small groups online, of no more than five 

Take a Cake Minds Diploma online project class with your Skills Support Teacheragain in groups of  five students at a reduced rate 

But also be part of our wider Cake Minds community and join us for online fun with quizzes, question and answer sessions with some of your favourite famous sugarcraft artists, guest teacher demonstrations

Free growing library of tutorials from Rhu and the Cake Minds Teachers in the members area of the website, including demos on a regular basis.

Here is just a small selection of projects you can join one of our Accredited Teachers, we also have a great Absolute Beginners Course to help you if you have never even used sugarpaste, before moving onto our other projects, all taught in a small online class setting and with a choice of dates and times, new projects being added regularly you will be spoilt for for choice - we are also

expanding our projects

to cover other area's of cake decorating and sugarcraft 


Work towards our

Cake Minds Sugarcraft Diploma

 Cake Minds aims to build your confidence and have the ability to feel comfortable when you make projects on your own - that is why our online classes have a maximum of five students


And just a few other benefits ....

  • new friendship groups

  • upbeat Skill Support Sessions with your own Skills Support Teacher

  • building confidence

  • supportive network

  • regular meetings

  • new skills

  • informal and fun

  • lessons and guidance from an accredited Cake Minds teacher

  • admission to a private Facebook group run by our teachers and exclusively for students

  • belonging to a caring sugarcraft family

Student FAQ's

You are bound to have questions, we hope we have answered them here, if not please contact us

Are the classes just about modelling ?

The first wave of classes are designed around growing your modelling skills, but as we grow and progress we will be inviting guest tutors to create projects for your teacher to share with you. We have some exciting idea's for you to play and experiment with in future classes and it is always way more fun in a group, with everyone bringing different idea's to the table.

How do I find a teacher ?

Firstly visit the interactive map, follow the button above the FAQs If there isn't a teacher in your area, you can sign up to another teacher and be part of their 'virtual' group - we aim to keep local members together, so that when teaching can take place face to face they are able to do that as a group. We also have a timetable of the Skills Support Sessions our teachers are running, what days and times each month, this might help if you have other commitments and need to find a teacher to fit in with your life. If you are not sure and would still like to join us, contact Rhu and she will put you in touch with one of the teachers.

Can I dip in and out of classes

Cake Minds has been formed from the Monthly Modeller classes design, run by Rhu since 2012, which are about committing to ongoing classes rather than dipping in and out. This is still the case for face to face classes, however, you are free to pick and choose what classes you take online, when you want and with who you would like - we would like to encourage you to follow the Cake Minds programme if you can where you will build on your skills over a course of projects We would still like you to commit to our online virtal coffee chats, the benefits are boundless and offer a great escape from the every day craziness we find ourselves in. Cake Minds has been formed to benefit everyone, our students know they have a regular meeting to enjoy, create and meet new friends (take a look at what our students have to say) For teachers running regular classes with regular students allows them to build on local communities and provide a support network.

What do I need to bring to the class ?

An apple for the teacher !! No seriously, no apples required. We ask that you bring your own tools, workmat and box to take home your project - some packaging might be a good idea for transportation. If you are taking an online class we are keen that you get into the habit of having all your tools, materials and equipment ready We believe it is better for you to learn how to use your own tools and become confident in using different tools for a variety of uses, many of them are very multifunctional. If you don't have a certain tool it is likely that the teacher will be able to suggest an alternative that you do have Basic Tool Kit for Students Workboard - non-stick board is recommended with a non-slip mat underneath Rolling pin - small Dresden tool Stitching tool or set of PME tools Scalpel FMM scriber tool ball tool - both small and general size boning tool scissors tweezer scissors orange sticks knife or palette knife cornflour pouch

How do I pay ?

Payments are made directly between you and your teacher. Your monthly membership subscription is paid to your own teacher and then any subsequent online classes are paid to the relevant teacher hosting that class

What if I can't make a class ?

Please inform your teacher as soon as you can, however, as with all paid courses, we would expect that you will pay for your missed face to face class. Payment for online classes is upfront and non-refundable - the payment is between you and the teacher hosting the class, therefore you would not necessarily be able to transfer to another teacher hosting the same class - however, if the original host teacher is running that class again they may, if space allows, be happy for you to transfer to that class.

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