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I will let some of our current students tell you what they think .....

Kerry, Student

I’ve learnt so much from these classes, and the knowledge is invaluable, from making small characters such as teddy’s, little babies, aeroplanes to now making an armature, and finally creating a standing figure, to hanging koalas, using different techniques and how to work with the paste and using different mediums to create different textures and finally a finished piece which gives me the confidence to create my own work.

Claire, Student

Love our monthly modeller get togethers. What we learn and produce each time is fab under Rhu’s expert teaching. But even more valuable are the lovely friends I have made over the last 4 years, we have all become really close, meeting up for non sugar get togethers, weekends away, and holidays. It has to be said that while these occasions don’t always include sugar, there is often a reasonable amount of gin involved🍸. So thank you Rhu for bringing us all together xx

Janice, Student

I have been attending Monthly Modellers for 6-7 years (how time flies 😊).  I have made life long friendships and two besties from our love of sugarpaste 😊 MM isn’t just about the models we make, it’s about meeting, enjoying and supporting like minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  

What can you expect to learn and make ?

baby in bath
vintage toys
standing cow1
baby in bath
vintage toys
standing cow1

Classes are carefully designed to build your skills month by month using different techniques, starting with the very basics and adding to them.  Cake Minds aims to build your confidence and ability to feel comfortable when you go home and make projects on your own

And just a few other benefits ....

  • new friendship groups

  • building confidence

  • supportive network

  • regular meetings

  • new skills

  • informal and fun

  • lessons and guidance from an accredited Cake Minds teacher

  • admission to a private Facebook group run by our teachers and exclusively for students

  • *termly newsletter with a free bonus tutorial 

  • Free *termly prize draw

  • belonging to a caring sugarcraft family

*termly =  Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun| Jul - Sep| Oct - Dec

Student FAQ's

You are bound to have questions, we hope we have answered them here, if not please contact us

Are the classes just about modelling ?

The first wave of classes are designed around growing your modelling skills, but as we grow and progress we will be inviting guest tutors to create projects for your teacher to share with you. We have some exciting idea's for you to play and experiment with in future classes and it is always way more fun in a group, with everyone bringing different idea's to the table.

How do I find a teacher ?

Firstly visit the interactive map, follow the button above the FAQs Please be aware that in order not to over saturate area's with teachers, we will limit teacher numbers to match the demand from students. Our teachers generally have an area of between a 30 mile or one hour travel radius, depending on where they are situated. As student demand increases in an area, we may reduce this. If there isn't a teacher in your area, there are a few things you could do to help us encourage a new teacher onboard - see if you can find others who would like to join the classes - ask on social media - we can help you with this - we will also advertise for teachers in your area too and for prospective students

Can I dip in and out of classes

Cake Minds has been formed from the Monthly Modeller classes design, run by Rhu since 2012, which are about committing to ongoing classes rather than dipping in and out. The benefits are boundless, following the course structure will build your skills and confidence and build on the growth of the group. Cake Minds has been formed to benefit everyone, our students know they have a regular meeting to enjoy, create and meet new friends (take a look at what our students have to say) For teachers running regular classes with regular students allows them to build on local communities and provide a support network.

What do I need to bring to the class ?

An apple for the teacher !! No seriously, no apples required. We ask that you bring your own tools, workmat and box to take home your project - some packaging might be a good idea for transportation. We believe it is better for you to learn how to use your own tools and become confident in using different tools for a variety of uses, many of them are very multifunctional. If you don't have a certain tool it is likely that the teacher will have one you can borrow or share. It also gives students the chance to see what others use and share thier own idea's for which tools they like to use for different techniques. Basic Tool Kit for Students Workboard - non-stick board is recommended with a non-slip mat underneath Rolling pin - small Dresden tool Stitching tool or set of PME tools Scalpel FMM scriber tool ball tool - both small and general size boning tool scissors tweezer scissors orange sticks knife or palette knife cornflour pouch

How do I pay ?

Payments are made directly between you and your teacher. Depending on what payment option your teacher has chosen they will either ask you for - a deposit before the classes start and then a monthly payment at class, so you will always be paying for the month ahead. - or an upfront payment for each term - or monthly direct debit Prices will be dependent on the teacher, but our advise is about £25 per 2 hour class, however each teacher is at liberty to increase the price, particularly if they need to hire a venue.

What if I can't make a class ?

Please inform your teacher as soon as you can, however, as with all paid courses, we would expect that you will pay for your missed class. It may be that the teacher can offer you an alternative class to attend, if they run more than one. But this will be dependent on availability, what the class content is and if the teacher thinks this is an option. This is at the discretion of the teacher.

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students, many new to the industry, introducing them to sugarcraft and cheering them on their own journeys in this exciting and diverse industry in mindful environments, forming firm lifelong friendships that involved more than just the regular meetings.

Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer and bring together the sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. 

In a mindful and creative space to sugarcraft on a regular basis in small friendly and informal group settings.   All Rights Reserved

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