Terms and Conditions for Students at Cake Minds


Please note that these terms and conditions are relative only to the teachers Cake Minds classes and not to any other classes they may offer. 

The contract is between you and the Cake Minds teacher in your area and who you make payments too and not to any other Cake Minds teachers



Cake Minds Monthly Modeller classes are designed to be attended regularly, and unless the teacher runs a dip in and out session we would be expecting you to attend on a monthly basis.  Spaces on classes are limited to benefit everyone attending.


Payments - Face to Face

  • Each teacher will have their own specific payment terms, which could be either one of the following:-

    • Payment per term before the term commences - terms run on four monthly cycles,  Jan - Apr, May - Aug (it is up to your teacher if they wish to teach in the summer holiday period and they will adjust payments accordingly) Sep - Dec   

  • Or a security deposit before the following month class commences - ie if your monthly fee is £30 your first payment will be £60, this covers the first class fees and the following month, therefore always paying a month in advance. Please be aware that you will be expected to pay for any sessions missed.

  • Courses can be paid for by BACs or cash - your teacher will advise you of specific details 

Payments - Online

  • Skills Support Session - payments are made directly to your regular teacher on a monthly basis

  • Online classes - payments are to be made to the teacher who's class you are taking and they will let you know what method they use.


Classes Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations by the Cake Minds Teacher

Cake Minds reserves the right to cancel or change the nature of all courses. In the unlikely event of a class cancellation, Cake Minds will give students as much advance notice as possible and the teacher will endeavour to reschedule as soon as possible. If the teacher is unable to reschedule for that month your payment will be carried over and if necessary adjustments will be made on the following terms invoice. 


Cancellations by the Student - face to face 

Please inform your teacher by their preferred method of communication as soon as you are aware you are unable to make a class.  If the teacher is able to offer you a suitable alternative class they will, however, your fee is still payable and the teacher is not obliged or committed to offer an alternative or refund.

A suitable alternative is deemed a similar project being run on another of your Accredited Cake Minds Teacher, Cake Minds Monthly Modeller classes, and not the teachers own or other classes. 


Cancellations by the Student - online

No shows to online classes or cancellations are not refundable or transferable to another teacher. Bookings become a commitment between that project class teacher and the student and cannot be transferred between other project teachers.

Class Materials & Equipment 

Face to Face

Your Cake Minds teacher will provide all materials required for the class, unless stated otherwise - ie cake drums, boards, sugarpaste, colours, glues, etc

You will be expected to bring all tools and general equipment required for your class. To help you do this, you will be advised in advance what tools you will need for the following class. Where specialist tools or equipment is required your teacher will provide these and you would be required to share their use in class. Any equipment provided for use by your Teacher is to remain in the class.



You are expected to provide your own tools and materials - an equipment list and materials list will be provided on booking the class.  Any questions can be put to your own Skills Support Teacher or the Online Project Teacher.


Student Conduct

  • Please avoid talking when your Teacher is explaining or demonstrating as it can be distracting for other students

  • Your Teacher will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your personal property while attending class. Wearing jewellery which you may need to remove ie rings, watches or bracelets etc is not recommended.

  • Students are welcome to take photographs and short videos of demonstrations and of their work, but sharing these as a form of tutorial or instruction to others or on social media or any other public platform is strictly prohibited.

  • Class content remains the property on Cake Minds and you are strictly prohibited from going on to teach any of the class content in any form to others

  • Classes are for aged 18 and above

  • Inappropriate language and violence will not be tolerated - any such behaviour will result in being asked to leave the class without refund and or prosecution, as violence will not be tolerated

Online - these generally take place on zoom, but please remember any background noise will be picked up and heard by everyone else in the group and can sometimes be heard over the speaker/teacher - please do not be offended if the teacher asks if you can minimise any background noise. 

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students, many new to the industry, introducing them to sugarcraft and cheering them on their own journeys in this exciting and diverse industry in mindful environments, forming firm lifelong friendships that involved more than just the regular meetings.

Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer and bring together the sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. 

In a mindful and creative space to sugarcraft on a regular basis in small friendly and informal group settings.

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