Do you wish you could make just a bit of time for you or just join others for a bit of a natter and fun ?

Why be a Cake Minds Student

Why did I start Cake Minds, well these ladies are a big part of the Why, they are just a few of my long term students and people I am overjoyed to call my friends, and who I went on my first girly holiday with in 2019. 

They all met through sugarcrafting and have been students on my Monthly Modeller groups for many years. We have supported and cheered each other on through many of lives ups and downs, sometimes finding a friendship group with a common interest can be difficult.

Cake Minds aims to make this just that bit easier for you as well as all the fun of learning new projects every month.

Do you Wish ....

  • There were not just hands on classes that you could go to regularly

  • A choice of small personal online classes at times that suited you

  • That you could build on your skills and confidence

  • You could make and complete fun projects while learning new skills

  • Take a class that was convenient to you for a few hours each month

  • That were fun and relaxed

  • ongoing sugarcraft support outside of classes with our online Skill Support Sessions

  • Online classes with no more than five students

  • Where you are valued and made to feel welcome

  • Where you know who is going to be there - your new friends

  • Have the chance to chat about life and sugarcrafting to like-minded people

  • Be part of something bigger 

  • Have some light-hearted fun

Cake Minds offer all of this and more

At Cake Minds we value and care about our students, we understand how busy life can be and how it can be difficult to make time for yourself and since the Covid19 outbreak we have seen so many people find themselves isolated, lonely and stuck at home for so many reasons - this is why we are growing and adapting Cake Minds to move forward to help with these situations.


... did you know that doing creative crafts is proven to help with your mental health and well-being, and how regular contact with others, just chatting, watching someone creating or creating along with them, without the pressure of learning too, helps you to relax and not feel so alone.  Making connections with others is so important to us as humans.

That is why Cake Minds Monthly Classes and Skills Support Sessions are designed to help you escape and be more creative.

Once you have signed up as a Cake Minds member, you will receive your first free Welcome magazine from your teacher and get access to a wide range of timetabled online classes taught by our own Accredited Teachers

What you can expect to make face to face and online

george purple background.jpg

Month One

Basic shapes and wafer paper wings plus simple texture to board

Month Three

Simple log effect board, sugarpaste snowdrop and texturing

rabbit 1.jpg

Month Two

Expand on basic shapes and add clothing - optional elements to board

month four.jpg

Month Four

Build on modelling skills with face plus painted body 

.....and yes you will complete these projects in the class, they have already been tried and tested with my own students and from our first students as you can see here ....

Geraldine Students 1.jpg
Xenia 1.jpg

Don't worry if you think this is all too much for you or you've never used sugarpaste before we have an delightful

Absolute Beginners Course

designed especially with you in mind and to introduce you to using sugarpaste, teaching you how to make the basic shapes and create some cute characters along the way

Skill Support Sessions

So what is a Skill Support Session - the benefits of our face to face classes is the ability to have a bit of a catch up, a chit chat, a good old chin wag, often an element that can be missing in virtual classes.

We are keen that you do not loose that element of learning online and we are also keen to give you somewhere to have time to ask a teacher for some advise. 

This is why we offer, alongside our exciting array of live online class timetable with our accredited teachers, the chance to link to a regular online Skill Support Sessions with one of our Skills Support Teachers, again in small groups, you can choose to link with a teacher local to you, if there is one, or link up with one of our other talented, dedicated and Skill Support Teachers - the benefits of a local teacher are face to face classes with them and where possible we would encourage you to take your online classes with your own teacher.

Your Skills Support Teacher can help you with a host of things to improve your experience as a Cake Minds member - so if you have taken one of the online classes, but found a particular element challenging, ask your teacher to go through this in your online Skill Support Session, they can help with materials you might need, show you how to do some of the basics that can actually be quite tricky, who's who in the sugarcraft world, talk about different styles, techniques, materials to use, shortcuts even how to set yourself up in business. 


Don't forget they have all been there and learnt the hard way, we are here to make your learning easier.

How much will all this cost me ?

Well what is all this worth ?

  • Guaranteed small group classes - no more than five students per class

  • A timetable of classes from Accredited Teachers 

  • Members discount to the online timetable

    • at affordable prices 

  • Ability to choose a class time that suits you

  • Regular online Skills Support Sessions with your own Skills Support Teacher and members 

    • that means you will see familiar faces ​

  • Demo's and advise at those Skills Support Sessions

  • Exclusive Members PERKS from some of the top suppliers in the industry

  • The opportunity to ask for help with challenging techniques in your regular group

  • Free magazine - with bonus content for members

    • packed full of useful hints and tips, more tutorials, both in pictorial and video format, interview, recipes, offers, fun stuff, news and reviews and much more

  • Invitation to wider monthly community online events

    • ​ ​interviews and question and answer sessions with some of the most respected people in the industry, demo's from Friends of Cake Minds

  • And so many more plans in the pipeline




Small group classes

Choose a time that suits you

Online project class 

Dedicated Skills Support Teacher

Regular Skills Support Sessions

Cake Minds Diploma

Exclusive Members Perks

Free Magazine

Free Magazine with bonus material

Invitation to wider community events