Do you wish you could make just a bit of time for you ?

Why be a Cake Minds Student

Why did I start Cake Minds, well these ladies are a big part of the Why, they are just a few of my long term students and people I am overjoyed to call my friends, and who I went on my first girly holiday with this year. 

They all met through sugarcrafting and have been students on my Monthly Modeller groups for many years. We have supported and cheered each other on through many of lives ups and downs, sometimes finding a friendship group with a common interest can be difficult.

Cake Minds aims to make this just that bit easier for you as well as all the fun of learning new projects every month.

Do you Wish ....

  • There was a hands on class that you could go to regularly

  • That you could build on your skills and confidence

  • You could make and complete fun projects while learning new skills

  • Go to a class that was convenient to you for a few hours each month

  • That were fun and relaxed

  • Where you are valued and made to feel welcome

  • Where you know who is going to be there - your new friends

  • Have the chance to chat about life and sugarcrafting to like-minded people

  • Be part of something bigger 

Cake Minds offer all of this and more

At Cake Minds we value our students, we understand how busy life can be and how it can be difficult to make time for yourself .... did you know that doing creative crafts is proven to help with your mental health, allowing us to escape from the everyday hussle and bussle, we all search for that chance to be mindful, but it's not alway easy to achieve with the pull from everything else. 

That is why Cake Minds Monthly Modeller Classes are designed to help you escape and be more creative.

Once you are enrol as a Cake Minds student, your teacher will send you access to another page on our website with your first 'free' tutorial - Tilly the Teddy - designed to introduce to a range of basic techniques 

As well as your student page with plenty of hints and tips and how to video's you will be able to join our exclusive student Facebook group and register for our newsletter that will bring you tutorials each term from Rhu, chances to win prizes in our draws, competitions, the chance to be a featured student on our Facebook page and blog and many more exciting plans that are in the pipeline. 

What you can expect to make in your first term 

Month One

Basic shapes and wafer paper wings plus simple texture to board

Month Three

Simple log effect board, sugarpaste snowdrop and texturing

Month Two

Expand on basic shapes and add clothing - optional elements to board

Month Four

Build on modelling skills with face plus painted body 

.....and yes you will complete these projects in the class, they have already been tried and tested with my own students and from our first students as you can see here ....

Basic Tool Kit for Students

Depending on your teacher, you may be expect to bring the following to your class - please check with individual teachers beforehand

  links are just to give you an idea, feel free to shop around, cheaper versions are available but that does not mean quality, there are also many variations on these tools

You can add to your toolbox as you build on your skills

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students, many new to the industry, introducing them to sugarcraft and cheering them on their own journeys in this exciting and diverse industry in mindful environments, forming firm lifelong friendships that involved more than just the regular meetings.

Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer and bring together the sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. 

In a mindful and creative space to sugarcraft on a regular basis in small friendly and informal group settings.   All Rights Reserved

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