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May 2021

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Sevenoaks and surrounding area

For as long as I can remember it has always been about cake, I used to stand fascinated watching cake decorating demonstrations at the adult education centre (where my mum taught textiles). I would watch in awe as she made roses from marzipan and pipe basket work in royal icing on to cakes. When I was 14 I was old enough to go the class and there my cake journey began, going to Adult education in my school uniform, working as a Saturday girl in a cake decoration shop and mum and dad driving me to classes and exhibitions to learn how to make flowers and figures. 


I went to college and studied general catering where I won a Gold medal for a live gâteaux demo at Salon Culinaire. I then went on to work in the hospitality and event industry, always making celebration cakes as well as working full time.  My last job was working in a venue in London for ten years, arranging weddings and events for members, looking after VIPs, politicians and members of the Royal Family, until I went on maternity leave with my eldest son Luke and later my son Jack.

After I had my boys I decided not to return to the London commute and to build my cake work around being a mum.

I make celebration cakes for my own clients, making figures and flowers for them, I also make sugar cookies and during the first lockdown this side of the business had grown and I was posting orders all over the UK. 

I also bake part time in a gluten free bakery and I make figures and flowers for the owners' cakes too.

I have taught small classes and groups and do 1-2-1 classes.

I love how you get involved in making memories and being part of a celebration, turning something that is so personal to the client into part of the celebration - from making a cake into a pot noodle or a figure of a much loved pet, it's lovely to be creative.  I do look at pretty much anything and think how can I turn it into an edible form.

I have been a member of TWBSG and was the programme secretary until recently and have made pieces for the branch table exhibition, where I won a gold for my rice krispie treat and chocolate paste model (something I hadn't worked in before but now totally hooked).  I am a member of The Cake Collaborative group and work on different collaborations.  My phone is full of photos of my boys and cakes or things I am going to make into cake!!!!  I find  it  very therapeutic, it’s lovely to put on a podcast and make things in your hands and switch off from the craziness of life sometimes.

I am looking forward to going on this journey as a Cake Mind Teacher, to share my passion and to introduce you to a new skill that will make you feel proud of what you can achieve with a little help and guidelines. The support you get  from the Cake Minds Community  can  help you be with like minded people.  A kitchen at 10pm can feel lonely but with this team you can have a big sense of  community.

Before I had my boys I went on a trek along the great wall of China and Peru, creating some fantastic memories and one day I will climb Mt Kilimanjaro….. I said by the time I am 50, but that is getting closer so I think I need to aim for 55!

I live in a lovely village in Kent with my husband Antony and my boys and our  kitten Bertie.  I have drunk champagne with David Attenborough and Prince Charles and I don't eat eggs unless they are chocolate!

I looking forward to getting to know everyone xxx

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