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November 2020 

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        Hi, I'm Sam and I have been a self-employed Cake designer and sugar artist for the past seven years, from my home studio in Southampton.


Right at the beginning of my cake journey I looked for someone I could learn from, courses and workshops I could attend. I came across Rhu and at that time Rhu was offering modelling classes in France, for a weeks residential. I just had to attend as I loved her work and to immerse myself in all things cake related with just time for myself and the craft was too good an opportunity to miss. So I went two years in a row! It was so much more than sugarcraft. 


So, when I saw that my former teacher was looking for teachers for Cake Minds, and really got the sense that this was 'a place where mindfulness and wellbeing are as important as practical learning', it instantly took me straight back to France. It reminded me of how I felt with a group of people brought together by a common interest, creating great sugar models, talking about everything and anything and making lifelong friends. I had to be part of it, and here I am.


My Journey into sugarcraft all started 7 years ago at traffic light! 

I was going to work at my corporate Learning & Development role and knew I wanted a change. I was pregnant with my third child 'Holly' and felt I wanted to work for myself.

I ran through all the options to my husband who was driving, 'Dressmaker', Photographer', 'Creative writer' to name a few. All of which I had an interest and a small amount of experience. I noticed a pattern; they were all creative jobs. I turned to my husband sheepishly and with a smile said, 'I could make cakes'? and we both laughed till we cried, remembering the birthday cake I tried to make that turned into a massive blob covering in hard buttercream, and the brownies I couldn't remove from the pan so had to throw the pan away, with brownies still firmly stuck!

But then I retold the story of a programme I used to watch in the 80's called 'Faking it'. Where (as an example) they would pluck a sheep shearer from deepest wales and within 4 weeks must convince a panel of top hair professionals that he was indeed a top stylist. This show had a profound effect on me and right there, just as the traffic lights went green, I knew I was going to run my own cake business.

Sometimes you just need to have some passion and a bit of courage and you can do anything you set your mind to.

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