What happened there ?!?

Stepping gently into 2020 ... I think we all stepped into a sinkhole !!!

I'll bet you're thinking the same - Hello January ... what .... how the hell did November creep upon us and how did those eleven months feel like a huge sinkhole instead of mountain the exciting plans we all had. Plans for holiday, reunions, moving our businesses forward, growing out business, family celebrations .... all sucked into sinkhole void :(

This week is International Stress Awareness Week and I don't think there is one of us that hasn't really felt the effects of stress that this year has so kindly delivered us in one form or another.

Back in March as the sun started to shine warmer and longer and we were told to get out and exercise for an hour a day and we pretty much all did as we were told, and if you did you can't deny how much better you felt. I'm very lucky, my local walk is along the seafront, so as the weather got warmer I could swim in the sea too, especially as it was so crisply clear and clean and even on cooler cloudier days it brings me solace.

So here we are in November, did we all continue with our new found exercise routines, I'm not so sure, but with a new national lockdown touching everyone, we should get out again and help our stress levels reduce, even if that is only at the weekends or when we can manage it. Hey I'm queen of excuses and especially now as I work towards a new additional direction for Cake Minds (more about that soon) I need to work hard at not loosing sight of how good just a short walk makes me feel and how it clears my head.

Walking with someone is always fun, but there are even more benefits from walking alone - in a safe place and at a safe time obviously - it gives you time to think, to untangle the thoughts that are causing you to stress in your life and even to start to think of them in a different light, maybe put them in a box in your mind and shut that lid tight.

We need to stop thinking that we have too much to do and not enough time, OK well OK I need to stop thinking I don't have time because I've got too much to do and look at that walk as a time to think and organise my thoughts, maybe I'll rename them 'walking the business' but whatever you need to sort out in your head, whatever stress you feel walking always makes you feel lighter and brighter.

So, I'm off to get my shoes on and wrap up warm, get by backside off the sofa and my eyes of the laptop screen and get out for some fresh air while the sun is shining, what about you where are you going to walk your stress away ?

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