Those niggling self doubts

We all have them ...

my works isn't good enough, I'll never ever be that good, I'm going to give up now !!!

I've seen this so many times in so many groups, someone posts a piece of incredible work on a page and the comments become ones of self doubt of why they should carry on or post their own work, and I find this so sad.

But I do get it, as the industry has changed and grown rapidly over the past few years, so have the people who have discovered sugarpaste / modelling chocolate / fondant and whatever other medium they choose to use as a possible alternative to clay. If they sculpted in clay I doubt very much we would present ourselves with these self doubts, rather just a nod to the sculptor or yes a WoW how amazing.

But no, as humans the natural thing is to self doubt. I have to admit and tell you that for many years I felt like I wasn't good enough, my work was rubbish, I later found out I had Impostor Syndrome - what's that I hear you say, well be prepared to have your eyes opened and take a listen to Suzi Witt's podcast on that one here I unfollowed so many pages because of my own self doubts, which was stupid because I was missing out on some amazing creations, I love art, so why would I want to self exclude ?

It has taken a few years, I have to say, to accept my own work and what I do, my own style and realistically my own limitations and be honest and accepting of them. Ask yourself this ...

  • Why do I make cakes ? - is it to earn a living or make money, and let's face it that is the bottom line

  • who do I make cakes for ? - my customers / family / friends ...

  • What do they think about my work ? - I'm going to bet they love it and they are going to tell all their friends about you

  • How does that make you feel ? - happy, heartened, joyful, content, fulfilled - there's a host of examples we could use here, but for sure 99% of the time you're going to feel at least one of these

So why beat yourself up about where someone else is on their journey, on their artistic background, their art education (there are a growing number of fine art graduates discovering sugar as a medium) or just their natural talent, so why just because they are now choosing to use sugar do we allow our self doubt to creep in. Your customers know your work, they know what to expect and they choose you, because they want to, because they love your work, because someone else has recommended YOU - don't loose sight of that.

So now take a look at these ....

Yes I am a cake !!!

how does it make you feel ?

This came up on my timeline on Facebook over the weekend, it's by Peccata Minuta

( which translated means - No big deal), I hadn't really heard them of before (confusing because of the Spanish, but that is the business name!) but having just done a bit of digging I've discovered it is by Marta Hidalgo - I can't stop looking at it, just breath-taking detail, I'm struggling to find the words to be honest, I'm just blown away by it, probably helps that I'm a big Game of Thrones fan, but all the same ... how does it make me feel ?

A few years ago, I'd have felt inferior, a why can't I do that, I'll never be that good - but now that I have learnt to love my own work, my style and maybe more myself, I look at this with huge admiration, respect and love for the actual piece of work, amazement in the achievement and curiosity on how Marta actually did this, what her journey was to be able to construct such a piece of artwork. I consider Marta to be a true artist that uses sugar as her medium, rather than just a cake maker. But me oh my what a cake artist she is.

So next time you have that self doubt because you don't feel that your work is good enough, step away and think about those bullet points above - and then take time to enjoy the art and talent of others.... and who knows where your journey will take you, (I wonder if Marta ever thought she would be this amazing?) how your skills will become more polished, accurate, detailed, proportioned that list goes on too. Stay on your own journey and be inspired by others x

Have a positive week, love your work and more importantly yourself xxx


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