That 3am Angst

Don't you just hate it, those crazy creative butterfly's that play up and wake you up in those early hours, feeling them fluttering around in your stomach and chest .....

It's had been a while since I had experienced this feeling, and it made me realised that some of the methods I'd put in place to calm them had been working. Here I talk about what I have found that works to help me send those feelings on their way.

Over the past few weeks I've been busy and quietly working away researching some of the elements I want to include in my new business venture, working on building a new website, sending our emails, arranging meeting, gathering information, talking to friends and family about where I am taking my business and pretty much talking non-stop to my ever patient, understanding and hugely supportive partner about my hopes, dreams and fears for it all.

Part of my BIG plan is to bring some new thinking into the industry, to enable opportunities for our caking community and a wider audience that may not know how amazing sugarcrafting can be just yet. But more on that and how you can be one of the first to know in a, not too distant future blog/vlog/post, so keep you eyes open ;)

Tell me, how do you deal with these night-time angst's, do you have any of your own hints, add your tips to this post and I'll share them with everyone else.

Remember there is always time for a break - tell anyone who says otherwise that Rhu said you could

Rhu xxx

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