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As the cake world lost a beautiful soul this week, Joanne Waterman, who bravely and inspiringly fought with the demon of cancer and who shared all the emotions, treatments and challenges it brought to the world, I think she has left her mark on me to share my own journey, I don't deem it to be anything she experienced, but if Jo could share herself with the world in her deepest of times, then I will take that spirit and share mine.

This was me yesterday, sat in a coffee shop in Gosport, where I now live, my glasses were steamed up and as I'd come out with my reading glasses anyway, it didn't make much difference !! I look a bit tentative and maybe it's all this New Year stuff and Jo, but I find myself at the start of a new journey with my business and life I suppose.

I started out in my caking career back in 2009 and what an amazing journey that has been, I still have to step back and wonder at what I have achieved and what I am so grateful for. This blog / vlog (yep I'll be posting ramblings too) is to journal the next, hopefully, exciting chapter in my career.

For quite a number of years I thought that I was taking my business to France, settling there, taking a bit of a step back, running my French Cake Breaks as they were know, hopefully teaching some French and English ladies a bit of sugarcrafting and just generally seeing where that life took me. Sadly it seems France really isn't the place for me to live, that's a whole other story that I won't go into other than it felt like living in a playground, making friends depended on who you were friends with, people changed and alienated you at the drop of a hat, it was the oddest experience and one that pretty much every British person would tell you they had experienced too, but that didn't stop them doing just the same. One incredibly (have to say my heart is pounding even now writing this down) incident left me bereft and to this day I cannot really fathom what happened or what it was about, I just know that it made the decision to come back home to family and people who didn't judge the easiest one I've ever made. So if you saw me at Cake International in November 2017 and I was all over the place, that's why, I'd had to leave my partner by himself the morning after it all happened and drive back to the UK, it was the longest six weeks I'd ever experienced, tearful phone calls, trying to make head and tail of what had happened didn't and never has made any sense. - it still bothers me when I think too much and I wish it didn't, I thought writing it down would be cathartic and maybe's it will, fingers crossed hey and good job I'm not vlogging this bit !!! Anyway there you go, life hey, ups and downs and full of surprises, disappointments, sadness and opportunities.

So back in sunny (ok not at the moment - but it is one of the sunniest places in the UK) Gosport, surrounded by water, love love that, family and lovely friends, I went off and found a job, yup I've been moonlighting this past year, or as I'm told to say I've had a bit of a sabbatical, which in a way I have, I tried putting my toes back in the sugar a few times over the past year, but had a crisis of confidence and jumped straight back out again. Another house move in November last year and seeing a dear friend, staying and chatting with her at Cake International in Birmingham too seems to have worked it's magic, put my head back where it used to be, lifted the smog and gave me back my mojo. So now as I have three weeks left at my admin job, I so excited about what this year will bring.

Suzi Witt has her part to play, I spent time with her not long after all the rubbish happened, she was a huge support having had similar experiences herself, and this year I joined her Business Academy, I needed to refocus and initially I thought I just wanted to plod along with my teaching and tutorials, but you know what I'm 57 this year and I'm going to go for this, I'm going to reach for the stars, with Suzi's help and I'm really excited to see where this all goes.

So belated Happy New Year I hope your feeling positive about the future too, my head is buzzing with idea's, things I want to do, people to talk to and places to see.

Lets see what this old bird can do hey xxx

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