Have you entered Cake International ?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The thoughts of a Cake International Judge ....

Is this you the night before the competition

I know I've been there and regretted it.

Hi everyone, this is my first vlogging video where I talk about why I entered Cake International and my top ten tips on entering.

With Cake International on Tour next month, now is the time to make your plans.

Why I entered and Rhu's top tips .....

  1. Make something you love or have always wanted to do

  2. Book the time to make your piece in your diary

  3. Read the rules, not once or even twice, but over and over

  4. Take your time

  5. Think about what your reasons for entering are

  6. Keep to one category

  7. Hone your skills

  8. Keep it simple

  9. Don't post your piece on Social Media - see the rules

  10. Listen to feedback, don't take it personally

Listen to my vlog and I'll expand on the above points.

Entries for Cake International on Tour are now closed, but if you feel brave enough or want to challenge yourself to enter at another show, here is the link to the Cake International site - https://www.cakeinternational.co.uk/

I'd also like to recommend watching a fellow judge, David Close on Facebook and his live video as he goes through the rules and regulations - David will be Head Judge at Cake International on Tour at Excel in London this April.


Above all try to enjoy the experience and if you have any top tips, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Rhu x

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