A New Decade - Stepping Gently

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Here I go with my cathartic writing again, why .... well it is New year ....

Monday 6th January and the world returns to work, school, normality, hopes, dreams and promises to ourselves of changes, ambitions, self-improvement and other such great expectations.

Do we put additional pressure on ourselves to achieve more during the first week of January than at any other time and are we doing that even more so because it is a new decade, the roaring twenties ? And if you're not do you feel just a tad guilty that you're not, feel like you are failing. I think we do and I think we are more guilty of this if we work for ourselves and even more so if we work from home alone, with no-one but ourselves to regiment out time and output.

The holiday season can be a huge challenge in itself a mix of emotions, dreams and expectations and to be honest I'm not entirely sure how it makes me feel anymore, how do you make Christmas feel special when you think that it's one of the most commercial acts of the year, when we are more aware of the unnecessary waste it produces, the pressure or desire to be more ethical, it is such a conflict against what is being sold to us be the corporations but as we strive to ensure that everything we buy is purposeful and wanted and mostly needed ... a pretty tall order in my opinion.

A non-self imposed bout of rest due to the flu bug this New Year meant I was in bed way before the bells, but as I get older I find New Year can be such a difficult arena, I know it can be good to reflect on what and where we are in our lives, but a particular date and time should not become so pivotal in our own self awareness, it is, after all, just a date, a passing of time into another day. I have in the past dwelt on events that happened over the past year with such sorrow, hoping for a new and brighter future, I didn't feel this way on say 12th December, so why do I do this to myself on the 31st December and allow it affect me so sadly, as I have done in the past, I understand that it depends on the year that we each have had, and that we should also reflect on all the good things, but if we are honest, we all know that it is human nature to dwell on the negative rather than the positive. And if we are in the midst of all that trauma and sadness, then New Year can intensify these feelings.

So instead of doing this and jumping in feet first with no thought or consideration I am giving myself permission to ...

.... go into this new decade gently and kindly, to feel my way at my pace and that of those around me.

It might be that by next week my work head space has returned, but I intend to make 2020 a year of simplifying my life, being more creative, helping others be creative and creating more opportunities for others to create.

I personally have no reason to be feeling this way, (which also doesn't help - I just feel even more guilty that I do !!) 2019 was a good and positive year for me on a personal and business level, launching my Cake Minds venture in October and taking around fourteen, potentially sixteen teachers who are all now enrolling students and building their own sugarcraft communities ready to start over the next few weeks. To my personal life in becoming a 'Nonna' for the first time and making some huge decisions on how to simplify my life in 2020, there are some exciting and big changes on the near horizon.

So maybe it is simply the after effects of the flu and being stuck inside for too long and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's suffered with this over the holiday season, or maybe it is a mild case of the 'January Blues' a time of feeling melancholy, or some sadness as I watch some of those around me struggling with so much right now, especially their health, but most likely to be a combination of all of these things and with Blue Monday set to hit us on the 20th January, we should be mindful of being gentle and kind to ourselves and allow this to wash over us, let us take stock and prepare ourselves for moving forward into a new year and decade at our own pace.

So if you feel like I do as we go into the New Year, lets promise ourselves not to dwell and not to worry, but to make a small step each day until we get back to our routine take note of the steps that we can do to help ourselves - I wrote more indepth about this in a previous blog - https://www.cakeminds.co.uk/post/writing-cathartically-part-3-scared-of-change

But the main points are :-

  • Look at what you can control

  • Look for the positives

  • Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to be sad but also to heal

  • Reflect on what it is you want from life overall

And maybe write yourself down some goals to achieve this month, breaking them down into weekly goals and then daily goals, but don't forget to factor in you time to take time out for a walk or a rest or a pamper sessions, if you are going to achieve this year you need to look after yourself too.

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