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January 2020 

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Anglesey and Gwynedd and Conway. These are all about an hour away from my studio

Hi! I’m Nina, and I live on the beautiful island of Anglesey in North Wales.

Prior to even thinking about starting my business I worked as a Police Custody Detention Officer, where I booked prisoners in and then took care of them in a busy custody suite, ranging from your average shoplifting to murderers and even a terrorist! I also taught Police Officers how to take fingerprints, DNA and photographs, and enjoyed showing and teaching them how to do it successfully.

After having major surgery and whilst I was off from work, I got really bored, and started baking the odd cake for friends and family coming to visit, they enjoyed them so much that it prompted me to start making different projects from the Cake Craft and Decoration magazine! I was hooked! Then in 2013, I took the plunge, left work and started my very own cake business. 

Since then I have learned so much, made loads of friends and been places and done things I never dreamed I would. I now also teach many different classes as well as creating cakes from my purpose built cabin which is located on our property. I love teaching as it gives me a great sense of satisfaction, seeing people’s reactions is priceless, when they can’t believe that they’ve actually created what’s in front of them and  that I’m passing on my knowledge, skills and tips. I love watching them develop their skills and confidence.

I love different aspects of the sugarcraft world, and I like to mix painting on cake with models and sugar flowers. If I could just make cakes just using those 3 methods then that would be my heaven on earth.

I was awarded Gold for my wedding cake at Cake International in 2018, I was so proud to receive it, particularly that year, as the standard was so high and wedding cakes category is one of the fiercely contested categories with over 300 entries that year.

I have appeared in numerous cake magazines with my tutorials and appeared on the front cover of Cake Masters Magazine, upon which I was a finalist at the Cake Masters Awards for Best Magazine cover in 2016, took part in Cakenweenie, which was a Tim Burton collaboration, and the Magical Dragon Machine. I have also demonstrated cake painting at Cake International in Birmingham.

I also judge baking competitions on Anglesey regularly and have judged the Anglesey and Gwynedd Sugarcraft show. 

I am so excited to be a Cake Minds accredited teacher and I find it extremely therapeutic, the creativity and manual dexterity involved and I have found it to be good for your mental well being based on my own personal experience. I also enjoy the social interactions of being part of the “caking” community.

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