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Trafford, West Manchester and surrounding area

     Hi, I’m Marie, living in Manchester with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

I’ve had my own cake business for almost ten years, and have been teaching sugarcraft classes for almost as long.

Prior to having my own business, I worked as a Primary School Teacher so have a couple of decades of teaching under my belt! What I love most about teaching is the transformation from a student arriving saying “I’ll never be able to make that”, then two hours later seeing how pleased they are with what they’ve produced.


I’m thrilled to be involved with Cake Minds as I believe strongly in the use of creative crafts, regular social time, and development of a hobby for promoting positive mental health.  I’m also an advocate for getting children involved in a creative hobby and love my classes teaching children from the age of five to teenage.

I’ve gained several awards from Cake International over the years in categories including celebration cake, wedding cake and cupcakes, including several golds and one best in class.

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers, supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students. Most students are new to Sugarcraft and are cheered on as they pursue their own journeys in this exciting and diverse community, forming lifelong friendships that involve more than just the regular meetings.


Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer new skills by bringing together the Sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. Support and advice is offered in a mindful and creative space on a regular basis in small, friendly, informal settings.   All Rights Reserved

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