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Guidance / Hints and Tips

I would like to aim for this magazine to be the best we can make it, I appreciate none of us are experts in this area, if you are then please speak up and if possible offer us some guidance where needed.

If we can endeavour to take the best pictures we can and offer a wide range of entertaining, helpful reading material then we will at least be on the right footing. 

I believe that through working together we can produce a publication we can all be proud of.

Thank you for you input, no matter how big or small, I know how much hard work goes into creating material for a magazine.  I hope that through your involvement here, you grow confidence in producing your own material for your own tutorials on your website or other magazines.

I am really looking forward to working with you on this exciting part of Cake Minds, I believe this will give our students added value to being a Cake Minds student member.

Rhu x



  • Pick your subject and run it by Rhu to avoid any duplication from another teacher

  • Work onto a plain background if possible - if you already have tutorials that don’t have this, please show Rhu an example

  • Make sure your lighting is good - white or daylight bulbs are good - I can brighten photos if needed, but it helps if the original is the best it can be

  • A mobile with good picture quality is fine to use

  • When taking pictures of cakes etc make sure the background is not too busy ie, not on your cooker top

  • If you’re not sure, take a practice pic and send over to Rhu to check out

  • Make sure the pic is in focus 



  • Try to use a neutral coloured workboard - green can fight with other colours you are using

  • If you are doing a pictorial tutorial and have a challenging bit, you can take a short video clip to add to the page

  • Try and keep your picture area clear of too much other clutter - ie just have the relevant tool you are using in the picture

  • If you are struggling with taking overhead pics and using both hands, check out your phone camera settings and see if there is a voice activation setting - tip if you use this, you may need to turn the radio down as it can activate the shutter and you’ll end up with a tonne of unwanted pics

  • You may find making a video tutorial easier than pictorial

  • If you are making a video tutorial have a play with your set up - I’ve discovered this all too late in some of my own tutorials for you - my hair has made more than one appearance along the bottom of the camera

  • If you want to make a video and concerned about editing - send me the original footage and I will add credits etc to it

  • Include a clear list of tools and materials and if necessary where specialist items have been purchased - links can be included

  • Short description of the project - or leave this to Rhu

NB - written tutorials need to be submitted in the following format:

  • individual numbered images, title not on the picture - so Rhu1 Rhu2 Rhu3 etc and either put in a google folder or as advised by Rhu

  • a step by step, numbered document that I can copy and paste from with the instructions


This is from a tutorial I was working on in 2013 and why I wanted to improve my pictures - in this picture I've used one of the green sugarcraft work boards, note how all the scratches are showing and how it is reflecting the light.

This is also taken under just the lights in the room, hence the shadows and yellow tones.

The board wasn't really big enough either so bear that in mind

This is a better green background, it is the back of a self-seal A3 cutting board, I've looked for these to give you a link but finding they seem to be two - sided with measurements printed.  


Recently I have been using a large grey silicon mat, there is no reflection and this is with desk top led lighting to reduce shadows.

george purple background.jpg

We continue to learn, I thought I wanted a dark background for the tutorials when I started out, but I think you agree that they look and present far better on a neutral background




  • Please do not simply copy and paste recipes from other sites - however I appreciate the basic recipes are generic and this is fine

  • Not just cakes

    • Healthy meals generally

    • Sweets

    • Cookies 

  • I’d love to include dietary options as well - 

    • vegan

    • gluten free 

    • sugar free 

  • Clear list of ingredients, including brands if you have a preferred one or alternatives if you know them

  • Tools and equipment

  • Time to make 

  • Skill level 

  • Oven settings etc

  • Short description of what you have made

  • Series of pics if necessary of the process

  • Clear picture of finished piece

    • Think about the background - keep it simple, possibly use a backdrop 

    • Think about the lighting, natural is best, so if you have a spot near a window that would be good

    • Use props if you want 

    • If it’s a cake take some of the whole cake, but you could also do a slice on a pretty plate or napkin, with a fork, a spoon, knife, cup of tea - have a play if you want to

These are stock photos but a good example of images for recipes


Articles and Anything Else


If you have 

  • a skill 

  • professional interest / previous current career involvement 

    • Mental health

    • Mindset

    • Accounts

    • Environmental Health

  • story to tell 

  • big news to share

  • Other hobby or interest to share

  • Money saving tips

  • Quality pictures of your cakes 

  • Comparisons on tools, equipment, pastes etc

  • anything else you feel could be useful 

If you think anything else could be added here, please let me know

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