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April 2020 

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Melborne, Australia and surrounding area

   I am currently teaching and making custom models to order via my website, I am also a Cake Dutchess Instructor alongside being an Accredited Cake Minds Teacher.  I do still make the occasional cake, but my passion lies in modelling, I love that my job is different every day and that it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. Seeing my creations come to life and how the characters come through each step, and then when they are presented on a finished cake, whether that be a professional or by a home baker, is a great feeling.  

I have a home studio that I have worked hard to achieve and can’t wait to get in there every morning to see what the day will bring. It is a beautiful, calming space that allows me to be creative and leave the outside world behind. I had been making models for about 12 months and selling them on eBay when I decided to take the plunge, leave my job and start my business officially. That was in 2016 when I was working as a Teaching Assistant, a profession I had been in for 13 years. I had lost my mojo in the education industry and wanted a new focus in life, modelling gave me a sense of calm and relaxation.  Not a day goes by without me feeling grateful I made the choice to start ‘Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations’

I love teaching and the fact anyone can come into my studio/classroom with the same self-doubts I had and leave with a beautiful model that they didn’t believe they could make, the fact that I played a little part in that makes me smile. This industry is such an inclusive place to be, everyone I have come across is always willing to help and support you. I feel very lucky to be among people who genuinely care about how another sugar crafter is doing. To feel you can reach out to someone and ask for help and support knowing they will give willingly and without judgement is very special.

Sugar crafting helped me refocus my life and find another direction when I had lost my enthusiasm for my then career. If I can help someone find their creative side along with supporting their mindfulness such as through being a Cake Minds Teacher, then it’s a win win as far as I am concerned. I spent many of my younger years struggling with my own mental health issues without an outlet or sufficient support therefore it is very important to me to just be there and help, and I can do that by doing something I also love.

One particular piece comes to mind, that makes me feel proud, it was about fifteen months into my business. I had a custom order for a flamingo. I hadn’t made anything like it before and I would have in the past just said no but I felt ready to challenge myself. It took me three attempts and lots of learning curves along the way. I look back at the piece and see it as a start to pushing myself and my business forward. I now love projects that initially I feel afraid of and know will be a challenge because I know I will grow as a sugarcrafter.

I am based in Australia and moved here to Melbourne from Shropshire UK in 2011 with my family, husband (Nick) and 4 children, my parents followed 2 years later. Emigrating was a bumpy ride at first but now we are all settled and very close knit as we had to depend and support each other in the early days as each other was all we had. It has made us a very happy and strong family unit today. So, my favourite past time is to spend time with them and my grandchildren, we have many BBQs and family gatherings with many silly games and lots of sibling rivalry. Seeing my family happy and together is what I enjoy most in life.

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