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Preston, Lytham, Bolton, Lancaster, Blackpool, Chorley, Wigan, Blackburn and surrounding area

Hello I am Leigh Bray of Creative Head and I am based in Preston, Lancashire 


I have taught a number of sugarcraft classes and love helping people achieve their goals through sharing my knowledge in a relaxed and friendly environment, whether they are simply participating as an existing hobby or if they are wanting to try something new.  I also love to create bespoke wedding and novelty cakes that are individual to my customer, meaning I rarely recreate the design twice. I love to advance my sugarcraft skills through attending a number of classes and weekend events during my career as a cake maker and teacher and previously assisting a friend who ran a cake shop with the modelling and sugarflower side of the business.


Creative Head was founded in 2000 in my home town of Bristol when I made my first novelty cake for Matthews 19th birthday which brought me such joy and to see his beaming face made me realise that this is what I wanted a career doing.


Having studied photography art and design at college, and then later trained as a personal trainer I offer wedding packages that cover getting into shape for both brides and groom, photography, make-up and the cake,  I find being closely involved with the bride and groom before the wedding helps me to provide them with a first class personal service. More recently I studied to be a mindfulness coach which helps me to help others bring balance into their lives and is particularly useful in helping brides and grooms and students with their concerns and anxieties.


I live with my partner Matthew and three children who themselves are very creative, so the house is always full of new projects. In my spare time I value spending quality time with my family whether we are baking together or chilling out, I love travelling, reading, cinema and finding new ideas and skills to bring into my business.

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Rhu is passionate about her teachers supporting and enabling them to build their own network of students, many new to the industry, introducing them to sugarcraft and cheering them on their own journeys in this exciting and diverse industry in mindful environments, forming firm lifelong friendships that involved more than just the regular meetings.

Cake Minds aims to build a global network of teachers that offer and bring together the sugarcraft community from a virtual platform to a local supportive community near you. 

In a mindful and creative space to sugarcraft on a regular basis in small friendly and informal group settings.

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