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Hi I’m Janice and having run my cake making and teaching business from a shop, a unit since about 2011, I have moved the business back to my home in January 2020 and converted our Granny flat into my new school and a commercial kitchen, my mum lived with us for fifteen years and struggled with alzheimers for ten years, she died in 2019 and I know she would absolutely love with what we are doing with her flat. Alzheimers is an illness that is very close to my heart and this is something I also would like to get much more involved in, especially helping and talking to the carers. 


What I love mostly about my job, is that it actually never really feels like working,  I love creating and sharing all my knowledge with like minded people. In 2019 I did a  talk on the stage at the Cake and Bake show on how to ice a cake in twenty minutes, quite nerve racking but glad I did it, mainly for my own confidence. I enjoy many aspects of cake making, especially baking new recipes, but most of all I love modelling and  I absolutely love creating people and animals.  I have also written tutorials for Cake Decorating Heaven


I applied to be an Accredited Cake Minds Teacher because I know what it is like to  work a lot on my own at home running a business, alongside looking after my mother. It would be nice to be part of something bigger and I know that my own students enjoy my classes as they return and come back for more and I’d like to extend that to Cake Minds students too.  I was so proud in I mastering the technique of modelling, I remember when I first started I found it hard to even make a cone shape, I have met some lovely people along the way, learning skills etc, from them as well as teaching them


Before I started the cake business my husband and I ran good food pubs and restaurants, I started making all the desserts and found that customers really liked them, mainly because they were all home- made, and have a new one opened January 2020.  I love it, mainly serving good food and treating customers as you like to be treated yourself. 

I have always kept myself busy, my greatest achievement is my fantastic four children and eight adorable grandchildren. In the past I have bred Golden Retrievers, studied and taught as a dog behaviorist.  I also used to make mohair teddy bears.   

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