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November 2019 - Founder Member

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Spalding, Lincolnshire and Norfolk borders and surrounding area

         Hi, I’m Fiona, AKA Fi or FiFi as everyone calls me!

I am the proud owner of my cute little ‘cakey’ and mobile afternoon tea business named The Afternoon Tea and Cake Company

I work shifts for the local government looking after children so on the days I have off; I cake, bake, get creative, and indulge myself in a world full of flour, eggs and sprinkles! It’s just pure escapism for me. I have my own cake room at the top of the house and it’s my sanctuary. It over looks fields and wildlife and this is where the magic happens! 


Cake Masters Magazine approached me back in July this year as they were doing a feature on ‘cake rooms’ in their August issue and they loved the look of mine and asked if I would like to feature! Erm, cough cough, would I?! This was a first for me so I was literally so excited and of course I said yes! This is what my business means to me! Anything like this and all the good reviews I get about my work, just make me feel so incredibly happy and boosts my confidence. I was over the moon when I got my Cake Masters Magazine virtual badge! I even made a unicorn cake so it was in the picture! 

I make all different types of cakes including wedding cakes, children’s cakes and cupcakes, but I mostly love to work with buttercream effects and sugarpaste where I get to make figures, cute little animals and other characters. 

I once made a cake for a 100th birthday and my cake and her ended up in the local paper! What an age heh and she was just adorable!  I also recently made a cake for a surprise 50th where I had to make 3 men out of sugarpaste sitting in a bath! It’s a long story as to the reason why! How great it is that you can create something so unique and personal for your customers out of cake!

Only recently I have started to introduce mobile afternoon teas into my business. My goodness, another thing cake related that I love! I have recently secured 2 big wedding bookings for next year and my brides have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. It’s so exciting helping them to plan their day. 

‘Caking’ as I call it is my passion and I get so much satisfaction making cakes for my customers. The look on their face when I first show them their cake is something that I could box up and keep on a shelf! It reminds me of why I do this and why I put so much love and attention to every order that leaves my kitchen. I have had some truly fabulous reviews from my customers who I also consider as my friends, so much so that they are now repeat customers. 

I have joined Cake Minds Community as an Accredited Teacher as I simply want to spread my love and excitably for all thinks cake related which definitely includes modelling! I have so much to give in the way of kindness, patience and knowledge in helping people to learn from me and I would love to give confidence to my students. I always say that I work better with praise and I think this is so true for everyone. 

When I’m not at work or caking I love to spend time with my fiancé Paul and my dog Henry. He loves to go for long walks over in the fields near our home. I also absolutely love going out for dinner and I enjoy training classes such as clubbercise and spin classes! 

Come and sit at my table in my lovely home, I will put the kettle on, provide the custard creams and we can get creative with sugarpaste together, make friends along the way and put the world to rights! I can’t wait to meet my future students. 

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