Face Base Moulds

Thank you for buying one of my face base moulds, I hope that it helps you with your figure making and takes some of the stress away from creating a face.

Use the mould either as a face to use straight from the mould or as a base to start from, changing the chin shape, cheeks and eyes if you wish


  1. Roll 20g of paste into a smooth ball and press into the mould, creating a hollow

  2. Roll 10g of paste into and egg shape

  3. Place into the cavity with narrow end at chin

  4. Tease paste up over the sides of the egg - Place in freezer for 5-8 mins if necessary - if your paste is soft

  5. Pop face out of mould

  6. Side view 

  7. Use your thumbs to reshape chin if you wish, change the shape of the lower lip and upper lip using a ball tool, dresden tool or boning tool and gently reshape, the slightest touch will change the shape and look of the face.  Do the same for the upper lip if you like too - To add teeth, open the mouth gently with an orange stick, pulling down in the middle of the lower lip.  Roll a very small amount of white paste and carefully glue to the upper side of the mouth (it is generally our top teeth that show when we smile) Define the teeth using the edge of a scalpel 

  8. Roll two pieces of white into rice grain size and place into the eye sockets

  9. Use small ball tool, dip into metallic food paint and dot the eye

  10. Use smaller ball tool with black for the pupil and warm brown to paint eyelashes and brows - you can also roll very fine pieces of paste for this is you prefer - Dot each eye at 11 o'clock with white food colour

  11. Dust cheeks with dusky pink or rose dusting powder - Paint the mouth with either metallic paints or your favorite food colouring loosened down with a bit of vodka or lemon juice.

  12. Fix onto body at back of head


Colours used for face are – Americolor Black, White and Warm Brown. Dusky Pink dusting powder for cheeks and lips and Rainbow Dust metallic colours for the eyes.



From Sarah at Sarah Carr's Cakes


"Hi Rhu. I bought your face mould last week. Omg what a godsend it was!! Absolutely brilliant! I had a really busy week and the faces worked on the first attempt. Thank you so much for producing such a fabulous product at such a reasonable price. "

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