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Cake Minds is working with us all in mind

All of our Cake Minds Teachers would like to assure you that we are taking every possible precaution to ensure your health and safety whilst we are teaching.  Because of this each teacher will have made their own decision on when they will return to teaching.  At Cake Minds we respect our teachers and the decision they make in regards to their own situation and we respect that our students have the same considerations to make.

Cake Minds teachers have regular online meetings to discuss how we can ensure everyone's wellbeing and physical health and together we have put together the following guidelines in accordance with government advice, this will of course vary from country to country, so please be aware that your teachers guidelines may vary slightly.

All the usual cleaning and hygiene practices are in place as cake makers (past or present) we are expected to have the relevant hygiene certification that includes cleaning routines as part of our working schedule


Your seating, tables, equipment, etc will be sanitised in preparation for your class.

Every precaution will be taken to maintain social distancing and keep you safe, please consider this when arriving at the class and entry to the property, please ensure you keep the recommended distance from other students and the teacher.

Bathroom facilities will have been cleaned prior to the class, and sanitising wipes will be provided you you to use after use, routine is included below.

As Students you also have a part to play to help keep everyone safe.

We ask you to:

  • Before you come to classes

    • If you think you have a temperature – check it

    • Stay at home if you feel unwell

  • Sanitise your hands when you come into class

  • Wear a full face visor – your teacher will inform you if you need to provide this or if they will provide one for you, you may be asked to buy this from your teacher  

    • You will need to clean and sanitise it and bring it to each class

  • You may also wear a mask if you feel comfortable, you will need to bring your own. We respect that not everyone is able to wear a mask and this will be your decision

  • Gloves, sanitiser, and wipes will be available for use in class

  • Follow a cleaning routine for bathroom visits - bathrooms will have been cleaned before you arrive, there will be sanitising wipes available for you to clean areas once you have finished, this included the seat, flush handle/button, and taps. Paper towel will be provided for you to dry your hands and a bag for you to dispose of the wipe and towel

  • Bring your own drinks and possibly refreshments with you


  • Please bring your own tools if possible. Spare tools will be available, but you are asked not to place them back into the containers or share them with other students until they have been washed and sanitised.

If you are unwell or need to self-isolate 

  • Stay at home & Look after yourself!

    • Let your teacher know - If you go on to develop symptoms, we would like to update your classmates.

  • We will endeavour to facilitate your missed class at another date or as an online class - we encourage students to make use of this facility so that you do not miss out on the classes 

  • Look after yourself.

    • If you have any concerns or worries about attending, please contact your teacher


 ** Disclaimer**  

While every endeavour and precaution will be taken to ensure your safety, you are ultimately responsible for your decision to attend class and your own health. As the pandemic is in circulation every interaction carries risk, it is possible for someone to have the virus without any symptoms. Cake Minds and and your teacher cannot be held responsible for your health. 

All of us at Cake Minds hope that we can soon return to our normal classes, but whilst we are in this situation we hope to continue allowing you to attend classes in a safe way, but above all hope that we can bring some well needed fun, companionship and mindful relaxation back into our lives and thank you for respecting our guidelines.

If you would like to see the government guidelines you can find them HERE

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