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Funky Fruit

The Woodland Gang

Teddy Tilly

Ricky the Frog

Month One - Funky Fruit


Thank you to Xenia for this first tutorial for Absolute Beginners. 

Some very simple shapes to practice rolling and shaping etc 

Take your time with these to allow your students to get used to using the paste and what it does. 

Feel free to add in your own fruits too, pears, red and green apples - mixing the colours, 

You will need
Modelling paste and edibles:
1. Black modelling paste
2. Orange modelling paste
3. Yellow modelling paste
4. Pink modelling paste
5. Bright pink modelling paste
6. Green modelling paste
7. Dark green modelling paste
8. Red modelling paste
9. Brown modelling paste
10. Purple modelling paste
11. 4mm Black edible balls (optional)

Modelling Tools:
1. Paint brush
2. Edible glue
3. PME Ball tool
4. PME Dresden tool
5. PME Cone tool


Month Two - The Woodland Gang

Hi there and welcome to Month Two and the White Rabbit Tutorial.

This project leads on from George the Dragon and more typical of the future style of video's - i.e. not as long as the first one with full on details.

Any questions please ask 

Month Three- Teddy Tilly


Month Four - Ricky the Frog


This tutorial was created by Jennifer Golton one of our Content Creator Tutors and makes a perfect last beginners class, using polystyrene balls or rice krispie treats it gives the student an opportunity to work with these mediums ready for the modules ahead

You will need :- 

  • 280 g green modelling paste

  • 5g red modelling paste

  • 5g white modelling paste

  • 5g black modelling paste

  • 6cm circular pastry cutter​

  • Your toolkit, cornflour, edible glue etc

  • A piece of kitchen roll to texture the body

Options to make the bodies

1. Use a 6cm x 4cm polystyrene egg
2. Use one Rice Krispie Treat rolled in a ball shape
3. Use a solid 210g block of sugarpaste


- you could use both methods - egg and krispie treats to make two frogs, a girl and a boy 

Size your own pieces to make smaller, bigger models

Method using a polystyrene egg or a Rice Krispie Treat
Wrapping the polystyrene ball or rice krispie square

1. Using 150 g green paste roll out a 4 X 4-inch diameter circle of green paste, lightly glue then imbed the poly ball or rice krispie square and wrap the paste around the ball, use a firm, yet gentle pressure to make a smooth ball shaped body.

2. Place the body shape into a piece of kitchen roll and press the roll around it to imbed texture and help refine the shape.

Mouth and Nostrils

1. Place the body on a cornflour former. Using a 6cm cutter emboss in the frog’s mouth. Reversing the cutter to create a wavy shape.

2. Mark in two little circular indents at the outer edges of the mouth with a dotting tool

3.Use a mini palette knife to open up the mouth so you can apply a thin rope of red paste to the inside of the mouth.

Use a nail art dotting tool to create the nostrils.

Tip – Use a paintbrush to smooth in the red paste

Apply the body parts

  • Mould the two central feet, small pea size. Use a mini palette knife and a nail art dotting tool to create the toes

  • Repeat the shape for the back feet this time using large grape sized pieces of paste.

  • Mould two more large grape sized pieces for the thighs, flatten and apply

  • Mould two large grape sized pieces into balls, emboss a dip into each piece and drop in two white pea sized pieces of paste. Gently roll the eye shape in your palms, then apply to the body

  • Finish the eye by applying a black flattened pupil or by painting using air brush colour

  • Final touches. Apply dust to create tone and interest. Paint on or

  • apply decorative spots using modelling paste

Thank you - I hope you enjoy teaching these projects, I look forward to seeing what you and your student create , but above everything enjoy yourselves

Rhu x

If you have any hints and tips, or comments you'd like to share please leave them here: 

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