Month Two - White Rabbit

Hi there and welcome to Month Two and the White Rabbit Tutorial.

This project leads on from George the Dragon and more typical of the future style of video's - i.e. not as long as the first one with full on details.


We are still using some basic shapes and simple techniques to start building of skills and getting used to the basic modelling elements.  This will help if you have new students join in the first few months.

We have a textured board, a clothed figure and some wired glasses, optional extra's on the board - tree stump and toadstools.

On reflection in making the tutorial I would strongly suggest that you start with the rabbit and not the tree stump - leave the tree stump until you have completed the rabbit and assess how much time you still have, other options are:-

  • add some simple toadstools 

  • have some simple flower or leaf cutters to add in

  • or suggest they add their own elements at home 

Teacher Tip:

It can be difficult to assess how long groups will take to complete projects, I find every group I have is different and depending on the amount of chat that takes place or how focused they are or if some are more proficient than others, it can have a huge baring on how much is completed, although all groups should complete the main character. 

Any questions please ask 

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Video Timeline




Tree Stump












Blue Ruffle







Hints and Tips from other Teachers

Thank you again to Gillian Wilson of Cupcakes by Gillian in Glasgow for making these wonderful step by step guides for everyone to use - you should be able to save as an image to your device by right clicking 

pic 1.jpg
pic 4.jpg
pic 7.jpg
pic 2.jpg
pic 3.jpg
pic 5.jpg
pic 6.jpg
pic 8.jpg
pic 9.jpg

Add as a PDF 

Materials List ~ per person

  • 6" Cake Drum
  • Bamboo Skewer
  • Green (grass coloured) sugarpaste to cover board - 80g (I used sugarflair gooseberry, but any green colour will do, and I use a cheaper paste to cover the boards)
  • Approx 200g of white paste for the body - I've used Saracino, but this is up to you
  • 35g of red - you probably won't need all of this, but you need enough to be able to roll out the jacket
  • small amount of blue for ruffle
  • small amount of pink for inside of ears
  • 60g of brown for the tree stump - optional
  • small amount of black - optional
  • small amount of pale gold or brown for inside of tree stump (rings) - optional
  • 2mm black sugarpearls - if you don't have any I'd suggest a google search as there are often offers available - alternatively roll small black balls of paste
  • cmc or gum tragacanth - to add to paste for board
  • spaghetti 
  • old toothbrush or cheap new one for texturing board
  • superglue
  • circle cutters / pie cutters optional 
  • 1.25mm armature wire or heavier gauge florist wire - you only need a short length, so use what you have
  • edible glue
  • pink dusting powder for cheeks
  • optional red for toadstools and white paint for dots - or use small balls of white paste flattened
Tools - general tool kit including wire cutters for cutting skewers and long nose pliers

Learning Objectives

  • colour paste and add cmc - for board if you wish students to do this or you can prep for them but there should be plenty of time for them to do this themselves
  • simple texturing techniques for board to create grass effect
  • basic shapes for body 
  • keeping paste clean !!! 
  • making simple clothing 
  • simple ruffles
  • making glasses using wire

Thank you - I hope you enjoy teaching this project, I look forward to seeing what you and your student create , but above everything enjoy yourselves

Rhu x

If you have any hints and tips, or comments you'd like to share please leave them here: 

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